Being stylish versus being in fashion

Being stylish versus being in fashion

The terms fashion and style are commonly thrown around these days, however many people find it difficult to distinguish between the two. According to Oscar de la Renta, “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

Being in-fashion or on-trend can mean that just like the trend you can go out of fashion maybe as quick as the next season and no one wants that. The cost on the environment regarding production and wastage, on the consumer’s pocket and the energy it takes up having to be on-trend is exhausting. Nowadays there are so many unique styles out there that being well dressed is more of an artform of personal expression. Go into any city and it is full of culture, people wearing things their own way expressing their own individuality, the “trend follower days” are over with more intelligent women making conscious choices for themselves.  

We all know someone or maybe it is you? That woman that just looks great in everything because she is dressing for herself, what she wears suits her personality and is a great fit for her figure, the style is timeless because it is an extension of herself.

Although Leanne keeps a keen eye on the global fashion houses, for her it is about creating sustainable quality pieces that you can wear your way for many years to come. The emphasis is on the pattern design and the designers details that make the garments unique and look great on all figures.


Leanne’s top 5 versatile and timeless pieces from Fusion winter 18

1- Merger shirt

2- Combination top

3- Fusion knit

4- Potpouri sweat

5- Conspiracy shirt 


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