Design Direction - True

True to myself. Having integrity towards the environment and it's people. Honest, good design that can and will last. Providing an effortlessly elegant vibe that can make us feel like our truest selves. Woman who want to have fun with their clothes. Pieces that read polished without trying too hard.
Designing for women who care about clothing that is well made and versatile and simultaneously essential and fresh. Clothing that can slip seamlessly into your wardrobe, and not worrying about adding today to realize that the look will be dated tomorrow. A consistent point of view.
Pieces that are edgy, but subtle details that are slightly more polished giving your current wardrobe some serious attitude. Laid back staples in rich fabrics that make you feel good in your skin. Boyish tailoring with earthy tones, dominating the colour palette.
What are your all about?
Helping woman discover who they are and how to be confident in their clothing choices.
What do you offer?
A design direction for woman who want to have fun with their clothes that provides an effortlessly elegant vibe. Clothing that makes us feel confident in ourselves.
How do you present that to your target audience?
Providing an emotional connection by story telling with visual consistency, through use of a strategy that keeps and builds a cohesive brand and reputation or identity.
Who do you serve? Who are your clients and what do they look for when browsing your offerings? What is your message, and does it reflect your goals?
Woman who want just that something extra with their clothing.
What do they look for?
Clothing that distinguishes their personality and offers a point of difference. A little luxury.
Clothing that accentuates your positive features and helps you be confident about your flaws. Enabling you to be yourself and create your own style.
Mission Statement

Creating Unique and Cohesive Pieces bringing Luxury to your day.