liann bellis

'liann bellis' stands for carefully designed and handcrafted garments that are manufactured in compliance with high ecological and social standards. In order to meet the ever-increasing need of consumers for trust and commitment; we design every day fashion with awareness and a clear message. Our collections follow no real trends, they blend aspects of fashion forward with wear ability. Ultimately they are timeless, being designed for longevity with high quality workmanship.


Since it's founding in 2010, liann bellis has been steadily evolving. Integrated sustainability has been the company's central theme from the beginning and firmly interwoven in the liann bellis culture.

We value and appreciate our earth, but also the need for good and fair interpersonal behaviour. Especially in these days when there is more and more environmental damage, social injustice and destruction. In our opinion this is more important than ever. We therefore see it as our duty to promote sustainability through transparency and to contribute to the further development of the fashion industry for future generations. Our path continues towards a more responsible approach to the world. We therefore improve steadily in the areas of possible certifications, charitable initiatives and promotion of social engagement.

We believe that only through open communication can we continuously improve and perhaps even inspire and stimulate others to question things and explore alternative ways.

 My Design Ethics 

My go to bullet points are;

  • Firstly, I find a common topic that appeals to me. A clear vision that is new and fresh. Simplicity is key.
  • I usually identify and define the borders of this topic with colours, stripes, prints, and whatever else will add a particular flavour to the story. 
  • I build an emotional equity in the design concept. My key is to build a strong base and stay focused and true to myself. I sometime cull and redo drawings to get just the right balance. 
  • I look to add a mix of ease with attitude. Bringing a specific and understandable message that is uniquely liann bellis. I don’t ever design something that I wouldn’t wear myself. 
  • My go to street wear essence, are clothes that blend aspects of fashion forward with wear ability. A focus on comfortable and sustainable fabrics, both soft, feminine and tailored. Always mindful of beautiful garments from previous seasons so as to always be building and rebuilding on each collection. 

They say if you love your work, then it isn’t work. Designing and being creative drives my being. I find it extremely rewarding. Not too many people get to have an idea and then create it from just a piece of paper through the intrinsic pattern making process, to it being a beautiful physical product that can be enjoyed by so many.

I am really passionate about local production and supporting local industry. I like to build a relationship with our factories and our customers alike.

I think a woman who designs for other woman wishes to empower women through design. I want women everyday not only to feel comfortable in our clothing, knowing that it is ethically and sustainably produced, but to feel beautiful. Being well equipped to go and achieve what they want in their lives.   

'For women that care like we do.'


Leanne ‘Bellis’ Greaves