Collection: Blouses

Blouses Made in NZ

Steer away from the basics and level up your wardrobe with our collection of stylish, modern blouses made in NZ. Our select range boasts a variety of exquisite colours and unique prints, making it the perfect choice for business-casual events and corporate environments.

Work Blouses

Dressing professionally and coming into your workplace wearing a flattering, eye-catching blouse can make you feel more confident and empowered to take on the day. If you are looking for work blouses made in NZ to improve your professional wardrobe, we’ve got you covered!

Our ethically made long-sleeved work blouses are the essence of sophistication, offering distinctive, quirky details, including extendable cuffs, waistline tucks, and bias cuts. Easily pair your blouse with a new pair of trousers or pants from our bespoke collection.