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'liann bellis' takes a considered and kind approach to everything we do. These principles guide the way we make our clothes, our business practice and the community we surround ourselves with. Our pursuit of these values is a commitment that permeates all aspects of the business. We endeavour to take a responsible and ethical approach to design, creating beautiful garments that are built to last a lifetime. We want to ensure that people and the environment are not disadvantaged by the production of 'liann bellis' product by taking a considered approach to business practice, creating a supply chain that respects our environment, and taking care of the people within our community.

Key to our mission at 'liann bellis' is caring for and respecting all people in our supply chain.

In order to do this, we must know who is involved. This is why our clothing is 100% New Zealand designed and made. This is not so easily said and done. Working with our long standing New Zealand fabric buyers we can be certain that they have sourced their fabrics in an ethical manner. As we have been determined to follow through on this path with each purchase we can be proud that our garments can be traceable.

Having our products 100% produced in New Zealand we can be confident that the workers are well cared for and are fairly paid. Also providing much needed work for the people concerned.

Being an online source for the public enables us to produce beautiful garments that you would otherwise incur further costs. We hope you will delight in your purchase and know that it was constructed with great care and love!

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