Our Story


We are excited to be a part of your journey to find ethically made and sustainable clothing from New Zealand.

Passionate about design and with a strong creative desire from an early age Leanne who trained as a designer & pattern maker could not ignore the devastating social and environmental impact of the fashion industry.

liann bellis has evolved into an online store only.

The transition has come from the changes we have all faced during the past couple of years. This pivotal moment in history, enables us to do our utmost to utilize our efforts for the better good. We are now a woman's clothing shop online.

Having previously supplied many retail outlets via various sales agents whom whilst being really great would want things changed. Now we have a chance to be ' True to ourselves, people and the planet.'

'True'- comprises pieces that will enable you to excite your self expression straight from our website to your home. Whilst cutting out the middle man we can offer you our garments at a more affordable price. This also allows us to grow the business in the directions we enjoy.

We have a page on 'Styling' we suggest you read. if you would like a little help. We notice that a lot of woman are looking for guidelines to help them dress successfully and also how to spend their money wisely.

 As a team we want to inspire you to be confident in your choice of clothing and to further develop your personality in the way you dress. Clothing that sets you apart by enabling you to invest wisely in order to build a sustainable wardrobe that will take you anywhere..

If you love animals, clothing and our planet you will be right at home here.




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