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We are excited to be a part of your journey to find ethically made and sustainable clothing from New Zealand.

liann bellis is luxury street wear for women. Classical tailoring is at the essence of each design, but with just that exceptional twist. Since 2010, our e-commerce store has been providing ethically sustainable products that are sought after for their unique quality and design. A product of great value whilst maintaining high principles. We pride ourselves on the care we take with the manufacture and to choose just the right fabrics for each collection.

Passionate about design and with a strong creative desire from an early age Leanne who trained as a designer & pattern maker had the opportunity to invade half her husband’s work space to produce a product that aligns to her values, taking into consideration the ethical & sustainable impacts of fashion. It just made perfect sense to share our resources and passions side by side.

liann bellis began as a high-end children’s wear brand in the 80’s at a time when big changes were falling upon the NZ clothing industry. Resurfacing as a luxury women’s clothing brand in 2010 with the goal to be a part of revitalizing local manufacturing. Clothing that is compelling to 'women that care like we do' and complimentary to women of all shapes. Women that care about people, care about the earth.

I have chosen not to have a bricks and mortar store in order to focus on my creativity and for a better work life balance. Instead we are a terrific team of people with a lot of experience. This team is made up of dedicated people who share our goals. Tina is a vast source of knowledge on construction and production. Justine has worked in Media at great lengths. We have the availability of two expert cutters Geoff here in Nelson and Raymond in Auckland along with Heni a small run machinist. We have two terrific sales agents Kim here in NZ and Marris at Shiraz Marketing in Australia.

As a team we want to inspire you to be confident in your choice of clothing and to further develop your personality in the way you dress. Clothing that sets you apart by enabling you to invest wisely in order to build a sustainable wardrobe that will take you anywhere.

We help support our community firstly using our great NZ Factories, local cutters and machinists. We have explored other regions in order to produce our beautiful knitwear in a tremendous small ethically sustainable factory in Shanghai China. We are also exploring new ventures with Apricot Clothing in India that have the same focus as us and is GOTS approved. We donate to local schools and charities as recent as the IHC so there is never any waste.

If you love animals, clothing and our planet you will be right at home here.

'For women that care like we do.'


Leanne 'Bellis' Greaves

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