Collection: The True Woman

A woman who values creativity and has a practical view of daily life, which applies to both their ethics and style choices.

They thrive on personal expression and use clothing to express that creativity. It implies extreme functionality and desirability. In our quest for self-expression, pieces that can be returned to time and time again. Foundational pieces in composing outfits for all occasions.

The, have to have's occupy a coveted spot in our closet that remind us why we love style. Pieces that make us feel like our entire closet has been refreshed by their addition alone. And whilst they allow us to experiment because they pair back with other items in our closet that speak to our DNA. We wear them for years, retire them and bring them back out again when the time is right.

There are certain pieces of clothing or accessories that you turn to over and over again. because they inexplicably tell the story of who we are!


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