SUSTAINABILITY... what this means to liann bellis

SUSTAINABILITY... what this means to liann bellis

You can say that you're eco-friendly, sustainable or green as much as you like. But we believe it is time for more than just words.

When thinking of doing the right thing when it comes to sustainability it goes deeper than what you may think. We understand there is a lot of trust needed when buying garments that are sustainable from a designer and we want to make sure we give you the required information you need to make informed choices. There is much green-washing around when it comes to the new ‘sustainable’ trend.

There is always a mindful scale when it comes to sustainability and we as a business are always looking to improve with each season. While we do this we must at  the same time keep our garments as affordable as possible to the consumer. Our aim is to educate our customers, empowering them with their choices. Here is some information to keep top of mind when making your choice as a conscious consumer.


The myth around ‘natural’ garments being more sustainable is not correct. I heard someone say the other day that they only buy natural fibre garments looking to help the environment as much as they could. But here’s the thing - fabrics that are blended together are sometimes more sustainable than those which are 100% organic. Because quite simply they last longer in your wardrobe.

It is important to know the values of blended fabrics they can be more durable, wearable and serviceable. There are amazing new innovations and solutions to sustainability being developed.

Viscose, rayon and tencyl, all come from an organic or a cellulose base which improves wear ability. Polyester and Nylon within a blended fabric makes it more durable. All of the wear ability and durability factors contribute to a serviceable garment that is sustainable.

Sustainable textiles are an important part of the future of the fashion industry and there is an extraordinary large variety from many different sources. This can make it difficult for a brand to state every origin of it’s fabrics sometimes.


We cannot forget about the advantages of looks and innovations, just because a product is sustainable and ethically produced. It is not enough to simply be responsible, we must include the beauty and novelty of a design too. Creating slow fashion means lbd are not going to go crazy when it comes to the new fan-dangle colour or fad shape. We must be smart and tasteful when detailing and embellishing our designs, making sure we give our designs originality that our customers will wear time and time again because they feel special to them.  


Focusing on solutions for the requirements of the everyday life of a garment - we recently invested in reusable and bio-degradable packaging. We present our garments in zip-lock bags that can store garments when transitioning from season-to-season.

We also estimate as best we can with our online garment stock and offer to make garments when needed providing we have the fabric. When our over-runs are not sold they are sent to charitable organisations or to recycle boutiques.

In this new era of innovative sustainability we at liann bellis are continuing to prove our ability to adapt in this changing world. Most importantly our ethics must be transparent in the area of fair trade -this is key to a sustainable future.

C - creative

A - accountable

R - responsible

E - ethical

‘for women that CARE like we do’

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