Strategic shopping for a stylish wardrobe

Strategic shopping for a stylish wardrobe


To save you money, time and energy before shopping it is important to consider a shopping strategy before approaching the summer shopping crowds. Trust me - your body, purse and planet will thank you for it.

After your wardrobe audit is done >> see my last blog. << You would have worked out what your wardrobe is lacking. Now look at garments that may have been favourites (which is why you’re hanging onto them) please ask yourself why do I like them so much? What has made me wear it so much?

Now you have all this clarity, the next step is the fun bit - the shopping!

Here are some things to think of when shopping.

Quality of the fabric

Fabric is one of the key considerations to quality. A good quality fabric will last much longer and look better when worn. Fabrics that are made from acrylic are just not worth your money. They pill quickly and look worn and old so fast. Early synthetics look very different to today’s synthetics. Today’s synthetic fabrics can be carefully blended to make them more serviceable and therefore some are more sustainable than natural fibres.

Garment construction

Is the garment well made? Check: what do the seams look like, are they holding together well with a good stitch tension or are they grinning? Do the seams look even and neat or shoddy? Are there threads hanging off? Are the buttons well attached give them a little pull? Is it lined? All these elements of construction are important when purchasing a garment, so be sure to test them.

Good Shape

It is important to find a shape that fits you well, so you feel comfortable and empowered in the garment. There is nothing worse than a dress that is poorly fitted so that you can’t walk confidently into a room. As we change with age maybe it worth the little extra cost to get a seamstress to tailor certain aspects to your body. Alter those trousers or skirts to a flattering length or adjust the darts to accentuate your curves.

Does it suit your personality?

It’s worthwhile every few years revisiting who you are as a person and how you want to be perceived. What is the message you want to communicate to the world about who you are today? What are your values? How are you expressing the authentic you through the medium of your outfits and accessories?

Is the garment a fad, a trend or a classic?

There are fads that last a season or maybe two at most. They are generally not a shape or colour that is flattering to a wider portion of the population. There are trends which last 2 -5 years in fashion and classics that last up to around 10 years. Classics do still change, for example: the blazer shape of the 1980s was not the blazer of the 1990s, nor is it the blazer shape today. Subtle changes in the design are made sometimes, but still enough that draws attention to the age of the garment. The fabric alone can date a garment and make it look out of fashion.

So unless you are vintage maven, I’d guess that you want your wardrobe to look current and modern? In this fast-paced, ever-changing world in which we reside, you’ll need to be aware that communicating that you are keeping up with all this change is a very positive attribute.

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