Quick Look Stylish!

Quick Look Stylish!

5 easy things to do right now...

Rather than an entire wardrobe overhaul, we believe that a handful of simple tweaks to your existing closet can provide the difference between looking current and feeling a little dated. Being stylish is a life-long project, and it's okay to make mistakes or feel distinctly "un-cool" for any given period of time, but there are certain fall-back tricks one can rely upon.

It might seem obvious to those mavens out there with an innate sense for looking tip-top even on a 6 a.m bus journey, but the rest of us occasionally have to double-down and get back to basics in order to feel new and fresh and fashionable again. So rather than start the year with the sense that you can only be fabulous if you buy a heap of brand-new items, or paused because your in a mid season rut, read the below tips for a quick refresher. Much of the advice will prove to be light on your energy - both your time and wallet - the ideal combination when we're wallowing in the depths of those wardrobe blues. Of course, you can always check out our sale to find a great item to fill the gap.

See the ways you can look more stylish from this very instant.

  1. Find your accessorising comfort zone

Whether you're an über minimalist and happiest in a set of stacked rings and a simple leather belt or a supreme magpie who likes to stack it on - I believe that looking stylish is all about being comfortable with what you're wearing (and what you're choosing not to wear). So, if you're not the kind of girl who wants to go down the Gucci route of wearing accessories by the truckload, don't go there! I'd recommend that you experiment a bit in the mirror, opting for colour-matched accessories to start the process off.

  1. Pull out the item you always feel great in and wear it!

Everyone has their feel-good fashion buy that work season after season, year after year and day after day and they'll never be the same for any two women. So, if you have a pair of snazzy sunglasses that make you feel like a boss or a dress that does all the right things to your figure, then don't ever feel like you can't put it on just because you "wear it all the time". Those are the winning items and the ones that I'd suggest repeat buying or snapping up in different colourways so you can keep them on rotation forever more.

  1. Experiment with some basic layering techniques

Complex layering scares even the most talented stylists when it comes to their own wardrobes, but there's something to be said for looking like you know your stuff when you just delve into a subtle layering technique or two. From wearing a knit, as a scarf for the cooler part of the day (yes, that's really a thing at the moment) to popping on a plain roll neck under a summer dress, for the change of seasons.

  1. Swap anything scruffy or overly casual for smarter options

It's all too easy to fall into a throw-whatever-is-comfortable-on pattern of behaviour, but if trackies or looking grunge-y isn't your natural, happy place then it will drag you down eventually. The cycle doesn't have to be hard to break—just get that iron and ironing board out, put on something crisp and clean and sleek. Tailoring often does the trick, even if you're making something like a posh skirt look more laid-back with a slouchy jumper. You'll feel instantly more sophisticated by just leaving the lazy clothes for at home.

  1. When in doubt, wear one colour head-to-toe

You know deep down when you've found "your" colour, which would probably make it easy to dig into your wardrobe and find enough items to pull of a head-to-toe tonal look. For me, I'm sure I could uncover a sufficient amount of red items to make it work. Whatever's your jam, just choose your favourite one spectrum of shade never fails to look elegant and super elongating on the figure. Of course, you could take the ultimate timeless fashion-editor route and just opt for black.


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