Quality over quantity - learn more about our fabrics.

Quality over quantity - learn more about our fabrics.



Our fabrics come from many sources both here and overseas, choosing fabrics that are well researched on many fronts. We look for durable fabrics so that their wear ability and serviceability is maintained for the life of the garment. Women today do not want unnecessary extra work to do on the home front.

Our knitwear is made in a wonderful factory in China that is run both ethically and sustainably, sourcing their own silk, cashmere and merino from small well run farms.
Fabrics that are 100% natural are not necessarily the best choice for a garments longevity and serviceability. Sometimes we need to incorporate blends of other fibres into a fabric in order to maintain the life of the fabric in the garment. Some fabrics hold the colour of prints or designs better than others and don’t fade, therefore their service-ability is greater.

A lot of so called blend in fabrics are derived from natural and recycled fibres. Tencyl made from wood by products is blended with wool as well as linen from flax with wool. Merinos are also blended with lycra. All such like blends are to give added comfort, strength and durability. I could go on and on, but ultimately a better consumer product.
It is really important that a fabric suits the style of the garment, whether it is designed to drape, or for comfort and warmth.

I enjoy working with a lot of different fabrics however I am very particular about their handling and suitability for every design often testing styles two or three times to find the one.

We are always researching and keeping up with the forefront of the changes necessary to provide a better product for our customers.



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