Caring about environmental and social impacts of fashion


We all know from history that fashion is a reflection of what's going on in the world at that time, well at the moment as the world's beat starts to quicken so does the fashion, but at what cost?

This brings to light, the need for new ideas about the rhythm of the global fashion system, which couldn’t be more competitive than it is right now; as we see closure of many great brands.


“If something’s in fashion then it follows, that someday it will be out of fashion”.


The Liann Bellis brand customers are intelligent New Zealand women who are confident in who they are and have very strong, unique and direct views. With a pioneering spirit then; it only follows that a sustainable fashion brand is fashion that focuses on improving its environmental impacts and ethical social aspects, with the overall goal to sustain possibilities for future generations.

Being that the paradigms have shifted for the industry, in terms of the way people consume and engage, we have started back to zero with our ethics and have been building our brand’s focus, being ever more concerned with quality textiles, sometimes natural and sometimes blended compositions to achieve durability. These well considered products are unique in their quality and design and will still be stylishly wearable years from now. This is changing the handwriting of fashion today. This "slow fashion", as it is termed, is worn longer and retains its value over time, as it is well made.

The Liann Bellis brand recognises that the average size of the NZ woman has altered greatly. Thus, they are after comfort, serviceability and durability in their garments.

So how to address ethically sustainable, slow fashion? This has been an all- encompassing commitment within the Liann Bellis brand.

Whilst these goals are paramount we recognise that they may not all be realised immediately. These challenges only make for exiting times in the industry and we promise to deliver quality garments that will last more than one season. 


x Leanne Greaves



This was also published in NZ Apparel Magazine HERE